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IMPERIUM - The Mika Brushane project

Imperium is the solo project of STRIKE drummer Mika Brushane.
Mika has been playing drums and percussion

since 1975 and started playing live gigs in 1981

when he joined his fathers Big Band as a

percussionist at only 11 years old then playing

gigs at night and going to school during the days! 

Mika has played all genres from jazz to metal

and composed songs for different genres and

this legacy of mixed genres can be heard in

the IMPERIUM songs! The music is a

combination of Melodic Rock, AOR and Metal

and it has a big dose of 80’s feel and sounds in it. 
















Mika Brushane uses:
Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals, Ludwig snares, Balbex drumsticks. Toontrack drum software. Roland & Korg keyboards. Scarbee Rickenbacker VST Bass.
Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, Lewitt & AT microphones. Focusrite, Yamaha PM1000 & Universal Audio preamps. Steinberg Cubase DAW. Genelec & Yamaha monitoring.




The project started in 2012 when Mika was writing new songs for the upcoming STRIKE album and realized that there was more song’s in him that needed to be released. In this project Mika writes all the song’s and lyrics and play’s all the drums, bass, keyboards and sing’s backing vocals. All the lead vocals and guitars are played by various very talented musicians from the Finnish and worldwide rock scene.

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